What we do

Valuations produced by a highly specialist and multidisciplinary team

The valuation process

Our valuation process is tailored to each business and is not based on mechanistic form filling, or software driven.


  • Initial free meeting
  • Formal proposal and fixed fee quotation

Data Gathering

  • After an engagement letter is signed relevant accounting and company governance documents are gathered
  • Face-to-face or telephone ‘fact find’ – wide ranging discussion to ensure we have a good understanding of the business being valued


  • Analysis of company financial statements and forecasts
  • Detailed review of our transactions database and other sources


  • Factual content shared to allow client to confirm our understanding of their business
  • Draft report created in a form dictated by client requirements

Panel Review

  • All of our reports are reviewed by our multidisciplinary Valuations Panel prior to being issued

Post Valuation support

  • Senior corporate finance and tax experts can be involved in additional commercial planning, dispute negotiation and tax inputs after the valuation is complete if required (charged on an hourly rate in addition to the original fixed fee for the valuation)

Who we help

Business owners

Our team work directly with business owners and directors to produce valuation reports tailored to their specific needs. We also apply our valuation expertise to company strategy and planning.

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Professional advisers

From time to time, a client may ask you how to value their business. Yet for many advisers, valuations are ‘not the day job’ and this is where we can help. Our agile team can deliver valuation reports to your clients’ timetable.

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If you need to value a pre-revenue startup or an established company, we can help. For example, we support investors with valuations of potential acquisitions, existing investments, and offer a S.593 opinion.

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For a valuation of your business, contact one of our advisers today.